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New Jersey is often referred to as the Garden State, and this is reflected in the fact that the two biggest categories in the NJ grocery delivery market are organic produce and vegetables/fruits. It seems as though these are the items that people feel most comfortable buying from grocery delivery services, at least in the state of New Jersey. In fact, many organic items are currently cheaper online than they are in stores. As a result, there is a growing number of people who choose to buy their general groceries in stores, but purchase their organics and even other items from online services. According to an article, one business - Sage Eldercare - also runs errands, picks up laundry and dry cleaning in addition to delivering groceries.

New Jersey has a very strong network of grocery delivery services, thereby allowing for people in any city or township in NJ to have groceries delivered straight to the door of either their home or business.

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Perhaps the most widely used grocery delivery service in New Jersey is Peapod, a service created and supported by none other than the world-famous superstore known as Stop & Shop. Peapod allows the buyer to either have the groceries sent to the destination of their choice, or for the groceries to be sent to a local store for pick-up. Another lesser-known grocery delivery service is OrganicDirect, a service that specializes in the delivery of solely organic produce. However, OrganicDirect is currently a very small business, so it mainly only serves NY, although it still does deliver to a few zip codes in NJ. Walmart To Go is currently in its beta stage and is delivering to a few cities in NJ, although that number is expected to increase very soon. Finally, there is FreshDirect, a delivery service that is renowned all over the US for its incredible amount of locations and overall quality of service.

Grocery delivery services have begun to grow in size and scope over the past few years, and arguably may overtake more traditional means of getting groceries over the next couple of years. Therefore, it would be a wise move to invest in a grocery delivery service right now, as this is when these services will be most affordable.

Grocery Delivery Services in New Jersey

Blue Apron
Grocery Delivery, Menu Planning
Five Star Home Foods
Meat, Produce
Philadelphia, Allentown, Elizabeth, Jersey City, Newark
Grocery Delivery, Kosher, Local, Meat, Organic
New York City, Jersey City, Philadelphia
Dairy, Gluten Free, Grocery Delivery, Local, Meat
Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery, Little Rock, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, New York City, Salt Lake City, Cincinnati, Jacksonville, Fort Worth, Nashville
Old World Organics
Gluten Free, Grocery Delivery, Organic, Produce
Park & Willow L.L.C.
Coffee, Grocery Delivery
New York City
Grocery Delivery, Health, Household, Meat, Online Shopping
Chicago, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Alexandria, Arlington, Milwaukee, Madison, Hartford, New Haven, Boston, Providence
Suburban Organics
Grocery Delivery, Organic, Produce
Urban Organic
Grocery Delivery, Organic, Produce
Grocery Delivery, Online Shopping, Personal Shopping
Atlanta, Little Rock, Hollywood, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Sacramento, Roseville, Clearwater, Coral Springs, Jacksonville, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Athens, Boise, Springfield, Raleigh, Charlotte, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Milwaukee

Nationwide Grocery Delivery Companies

Omaha Steaks
Grocery Delivery, Meat, Online Shopping
Nationwide Grocery Delivery
Alcohol, Gourmet, Grocery Delivery, Meat, Organic
Nationwide Grocery Delivery
Grocery Delivery, Meat, Natural, Online Shopping, Organic, Produce
Nationwide Grocery Delivery
Fruit Guys
Grocery Delivery, Organic, Produce
Nationwide Grocery Delivery
Home Grocer
Grocery Delivery, Household, Pet
Nationwide Grocery Delivery
My Brands
Grocery Delivery, Household, Natural, Organic, Pet
Nationwide Grocery Delivery
Alcohol, Baby, Coffee, Dairy, Grocery Delivery, Health, Household, Hygiene, Meat, Online Shopping, Produce
Nationwide Grocery Delivery
Grocery Delivery, Health, Kosher, Organic
Nationwide Grocery Delivery
Organic Direct
Baby, Grocery Delivery, Natural, Organic, Pet
Nationwide Grocery Delivery
Baby, Grocery Delivery, Health, Household, Hygiene, Kosher, Pet
Nationwide Grocery Delivery
Baby, Grocery Delivery, Household, Pet
Nationwide Grocery Delivery